Cloud management services

Successfully scaling intelligent assistants requires selecting the best customer facing processes, knowing the channels to prioritize, applying proven conversational design and developing a smart architecture strategy. We help large organizations operationalize and accelerate the adoption of these technologies to better meet today’s customer expectations, achieve rapid gains in efficiency and cost savings.
We bring years of experience to conversational AI solutions across multiple industries including healthcare, life sciences, banking, insurance, travel, hospitality, automotive, communications and retail clients. The goal is always to create differentiated customer experience, increase operational efficiency, and optimize all potential outcomes.

Relevance and Context Built In

Today’s bots are more contextual and personalized than ever before. Real-time textual and sentiment analytics identify customer tone and adjust or route conversations dynamically. By incorporating data intelligence, highly relevant recommendations and insights can be made. These conversational solutions anticipate questions and customer needs, responding with empathy to deliver higher engagement, efficiency, productivity and sales.

Customer Experience Perfected

User experience and conversational design are integral components to delivering personalized, insightful customer engagement. We craft solutions that clarify and amplify brand identity – with a natural dialogue flow – providing the rich and relevant experience today’s customers expect across the channels they prefer.

Technology Innovation

Solving complex customer service challenges, creating new channels for commerce and providing individualized, contextual content typically includes integration with legacy applications, integrated voice response systems and accessing disparate data sources. From project inception through full implementation, we partner with our clients, leading cloud providers and innovative point solutions to deliver conversational programs that optimize existing investments and deliver innovation for long term success.